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With a passion for shipments.
Even the smallest ones.



TRAFFIC ? at first glance, one of many transport and forwarding companies on the Polish market. More than ten years' experience in the business, hundreds of completed orders carried out on European transport routes for the most demanding customers. A comprehensive transport fleet in the hands of a team of experienced and competent employees waiting for new challenges that require an immediate reaction. A professional in its sector of business aware of all the current transport needs of the market.


We're not a grey mass enclosed within the four walls of a bureaucratic enterprise. Our policy is to have transparent procedures and take full responsibility for each transport order placed with us. We do not defend ourselves by making imaginative excuses - our focus is on honesty, reliability and a clear flow of information between the company, the shipment being transported and the customer. Working with our team, you'll feel relaxed. You'll become the focus of attention in each service we perform for you.


We have the required transport facilities to allow us to carry out even the most unusual orders. Moreover, we specialise in less-than-container-load transport with a strong emphasis on performance in time and over long distances. It is thanks to this service that many production companies as well as individual customers hailed us as the "last transport resort" for their business.


Necessity is the stimulus of thought and the thought stimulates an action. With a combination of experience and the highest level of skills, we are able to provide you with the best quality services which cannot be found anywhere else.


Get to know the rest of our services in detail and see why it's worth taking a chance on us.

tel. +48 52 524 37 88, fax +48 52 524 37 88 lub +48 52 511 50 36

e-mail: traffictrans@traffic-trans.pl

TRAFFIC-TRANS - Transport i spedycja

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