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Dynamic work that pays with time.


Time is one of the most important elements of a well functioning business. Each experienced entrepreneur is aware of that. There aren't enough working hours to complete all the accomplishments planned for any given day, making each company less efficient. Such a situation can mainly be observed in the activity of production companies where misinterpreting the idea of "Just-in-time" puts them at risk of unnecessary losses or delays in production.


"TRAFFIC" was established especially for companies and individual customers that need the immediate support of an experienced carrier that will deliver a consignment of products/components to the right address for a realistic price within the shortest possible time as well as with maximum level of security and comfort. More than ten years' experience of all kinds of different transport situations has allowed us to master this art to perfection. Our team of qualified employees combined with a comprehensive system of optimal transport routes, proper coordination and logistics service allow us to reach the indicated addressee with the ordered shipment within the quickest possible time. And all this to any destination in Europe.


Critical Express Delivery is a customised service dedicated to express transport with a very high priority delivery schedule. The process of organizing such an order is characterised by its unique dynamics and the teamwork of more than ten people involved in each element of performing any given transport challenge. CED is carried out in emergency situations of the utmost urgency. It generally takes place in a "door-to-door" system, which allows us to minimize the delivery time of given products/components and excludes any stoppages or unnecessary reloading.


The elements included in the service:

  • adjustment of the means of transport to suit the specific demand, optimization of the transport route, estimation of the shortest delivery time for the consignment of products/components;
  • appointment of a personal coordinator to supervise the completion of the transport order;
  • continuous access to information on the progress of a given transport undertaking as well as active contact with the dispatcher of the consignment;
  • possibility of additional security for the shipment being delivered (OCP, OCS or Cargo insurance);
  • reporting on the progress in completion of the order;

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tel. +48 52 524 37 88, fax +48 52 524 37 88 lub +48 52 511 50 36

e-mail: traffictrans@traffic-trans.pl

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